METALSO Sheet Metal Design

METALSO produces a full line of sheet metal components specialising in fabrication for applications in architecture, interior and industrial design.

We processes stainless steel as well as other sheet metals, and fabricate bespoke perforated and textured steel sheets for use in architecture, decoration and the industry. We provide custom industrial sub-contracting services for steel components using the latest digital CNC manufacturing technology.

About Metalso

Our capabilities lie within three generations of continuing experience in sheet metal fabrication and design, along with utilising the latest CAD/CAM digital manufacturing technology.

Beyond just perforated sheets METALSO can provide bespoke components for facades or other architectural applications. Our experienced designers and engineers can offer technical support and consultancy for projects, to teams of architects, designers and engineers.

Innovative CAD/CAM digital design & manufacturing

METALSO can turn designs from simple sketch to digital engineered drawings and to complete products using CAD/CAM technology. Fast, low cost and quality metal components can be customised to your specifications, from a unique bespoke design to a component reproduced in large quantities.

Our experienced designers and engineers can offer technical support for your project. A seamless digital environment from design to fabrication ensures precision and low-cost production.

We use TRUMPF machinery, the world leader in CNC Tools and digital fabrication CNC Technology for sheet metal processing.

Our Services

Design Consultancy

We provide design and fabrication consultancy to architecture offices and design teams who are considering working with sheet metal on any scale of building project. Our architects and fabricators combine many years of expert experience in digital fabrication with sheet metal.

If an architectural or interior project involves use of customised sheet metal components with standard or bespoke designs, perforated and textured surfaces, we will be happy to consult in design development, detailing, costing and prototyping.

We are driven by a keen interest in materials, craft and fabrication and the creative engagement with technology informed by a knowledge of architectural engineering, structures and advanced building design.

CAD/CAM Design

Most architectural projects today are realised from concept to construction in a total digital environment. However, translating architectural drawings to fabrication files can still require expertise and many hours of CAD drawing and trouble-shooting. Depending on the complexity and size of the project, the process can become a project in itself, where many complex parts will be drawn and fabricated.

We provide support to team of architects with preparing digital fabrication files. We provide expertise in CAD/CAM design and preparation of design-to-fabrication files for architectural and interior design projects.

CNC Manufacturing

METALSO provides made-to-measure sheet metal elements with perforated and textured designs for use in architecture, interior and industrial design projects. Our products range from standard perforated sheets to bespoke designs of your specific application.

We provide 1:1 testing of prototypes and scaled mock-ups of building facade designs or interior applications. Prototype testing can help teams of designers and clients in decision-making from early stages of design development to construction detailing and costing.

We work with the best CAD-CAM software and top-quality industry-standard CNC machinery, to ensure extreme accuracy and precision of our fabricated components. Our machinery is capable of:

  • Perforation and texturing of metal sheets using CNC Punching
  • Forming and folding using CNC Press Bend
  • Three-dimensional form-generation in solid metal using a 3-axis CNC Milling

We process an array of sheet metal materials, plain and galvanised steel, stainless steel, copper, bronze, etc. Material thicknesses can be as thin as 0.1mm and up to 10mm.

Europe, UK and worldwide delivery

We deliver for any project located in Europe, the UK and worldwide. Our main offices are in London, UK and in Thessaloniki, Greece where our fabrication facility is located.

About us

We are architects and designers as well as fabricators. We understand how a strong design idea can be carried out into realisation. Our expert knowledge in digital fabrication with sheet metal is paired with designer instinct and impeccable attention to detail.